Who We Are

For the love of learning

At DIS, we bring people, cultures, and perspectives together to develop engaged global citizens through the power of study abroad. While our work is dedicated to students’ learning, we consider ourselves a learning organization as well. We share a passion for where knowledge can take us, with staff eager to learn from one another and faculty pushing the boundaries of conventional educational norms in higher education.

A workplace that leads with trust and a freedom to create

Though we have been around since 1959, we are an agile workplace with an entrepreneurial spirit in our approach to work. We embrace creativity and think outside the box; failures are seen as positive lessons learned. Collaboration and trust are the foundation of our interactions; we place faith in each other and our collective ability to deliver quality and meaningful work.

Where you can come as you are

We are proud of an organizational culture in which we are encouraged to be our most authentic selves. Our differences and complex identities are seen as assets to the organization; we celebrate diversity and believe that embracing a wide range of perspectives fosters creativity and innovation.

A one-of-a-kind learning environment

Essential to DIS is a community of exceptional faculty inspiring the next generation of engaged global citizens. Our faculty have the flexibility to teach while pursuing their own careers – and to be creative in their instruction to build meaningful curricula for their students. They take learning beyond the classroom, using their own professional expertise and experiential learning to bring their courses to life. Hear from our Stockholm faculty on what makes DIS such a unique teaching environment.

DIS Values Statement

Our values are the guiding force behind how we work – and work together – at DIS. These values were written collaboratively across the organization to embody our collective values.

At DIS, we strive to be:

  • One inclusive team and passionate about the DIS mission
  • Committed to each other’s development and well-being
  • Ambitious and set high standards
  • Fun, friendly, and professional
  • Open to change and new ideas
  • Ready to make difficult decisions and take responsibility
  • Collaborative and trust each other

A fun, friendly, and professional environment

At DIS, our workplace is full of energy. From lively lunchtime chats to the buzz of a team collaborating on a project, it’s clear our staff enjoy working together. We stay connected across our three offices (and countries) – our agility in hopping on a virtual meeting plays an important role in delivering a rich and meaningful study abroad experience for students.

Our learning mentality is deeply embedded in our organizational DNA and fuels the DIS spirit of innovation and adaptability. It also takes many forms: it could be through attending the many professional development opportunities DIS offers, engaging in social activities like padel tournaments and walking tours with colleagues outside the workplace, or chatting with different constellations of colleagues each day over lunch or an after-work Happy Hour.

Driven by a sense of purpose

We are driven by our collective mission to develop global citizens. We find value in getting to know and appreciating our colleagues, as we recognize our organization is one team with a common (and ambitious) goal. We find meaning in learning and growing together as an organization and feel a strong sense of unity in achieving our mission.

A tailored workplace

We champion a flexible work environment and think creatively of when, where, and how we get work done. We are committed to fostering a dynamic and adaptive workplace that enables us to learn new ways to carry out the DIS mission, and believe that instilling a deep level of trust at DIS allows us to create the best workplace together.

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