Lifelong Learning

Inspiring a love of learning is at the core of the DIS mission.

The intellectual curiosity sparked at DIS doesn’t stop once you pack your bags and return home. Continued learning opportunities are therefore a key feature of the DIS Alumni Community.

Featuring stellar DIS faculty, virtual DIS Talks and in-person ReDIScover tours in Copenhagen (and in the future Stockholm) will not only give you new perspectives on some of the grand challenges of our time but also rekindle nostalgia of your study abroad experience in Scandinavia, whether that was five, ten or fifty years ago.

Living in Copenhagen made me aware of how unconsidered my worldview was, and countless experiences both in and out of the classroom invited me to interrogate, and broaden that perspective.

Jon Mayfield, DIS student in 2006-2007

Rediscover tours

ReDIScover Tours

Revisit the city you once called home through the lens of a particular theme, while having plenty of time on your own to (re)explore your favorite places, reminisce, and make new discoveries. These three-day tours are designed to rekindle your love of learning and make new friends as you learn (again) from DIS faculty and fellow alumni.

After a few hours of academic content and exploring the city, you’ll have time on your own to connect with old friends or maybe your host family – or you could sign up for other optional events in the evening to continue exploring and making new memories!

ReDIScover Tours run for three days (Monday – Wednesday), allowing you to extend your stay either before or after if you want to visit Scandinavia or Europe for a longer period.

Unless otherwise noted, tours are open to DIS Alums + 1 guest (18+ older).

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Virtual Talks

Virtual DIS Talks

Gain new perspectives on current Scandinavian and global topics while exploring general areas of interest with fellow alumni.

DIS Talks, led by DIS faculty, are free virtual events offered throughout the year that aim to not only connect you with your global alumni community but also give you opportunities to explore and discuss the challenging topics of our time.

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