Advising on Credit Transfer and Ordering Transcripts

Credit Transfer and Ordering Transcripts

Transcripts, Accreditation, and Credit Transfer

All DIS courses are examined and approved by DIS Program Directors and the Academic Director. Courses are reviewed very closely to make sure that they fulfill our requirements of workload, analytical writing, research, and so forth.


Semester students must take at least 12 credits per semester and may take up to 18, including no more than five 3-credit classes (or one 6-credit and three 3-credit classes). Most students take two to three courses in their major or a related field, and one or two courses from a completely different discipline.

Summer students take from three to 12 credits, depending on their session of study and if they combine more than one session.

Grading Policy

All courses are evaluated by letter grades. One course per semester may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis if this option is approved by your home institution. Core courses may not be taken on this basis. Grades are on a grading scale from A-F (just like at U.S. institutions), and the full report is in English.

Final Grade Report

DIS credit transfer policy meets AACROA standards and regional accrediting agency standards in the U.S. Upon completion of a term, DIS issues an official Final Grade Report, which is the transcript of the results obtained in the courses for which the student was enrolled.

A Final Grade Report is sent to an assigned contact at your home institution within 60 days of the completion of the program. A second copy is sent to the student’s email. If a grade change is received from an instructor, DIS will issue a new Final Grade Report with an explanation of the change. Final Grade Reports will only be issued if all fees have been paid to DIS and there are no academic or administrative holds on the student’s record.

It is up to individual partner universities to award credit for DIS courses. In some cases, the University of Minnesota will act as the School of Record to provide an official transcript. A fee of $450 will be added to the student’s invoice for this service. If your school requires a School of Record transcript, arrangements must be made prior to the student’s term at DIS. The University of Minnesota periodically conducts a review of DIS to ensure academic standards in addition to serving on the DIS Curriculum Committee.

Important: Students should check with their home institution as to whether a Final Grade Report from DIS is acceptable, or if an official transcript from the University of Minnesota is needed to receive credit. This must be arranged prior to the beginning of the semester or summer session they plan to attend, as part of the registration process.