Advising Resources and Information

Advising Resources and Information

We know how much time you spend with your students ensuring that they are prepared to study abroad and pick the right experience for their needs. The DIS website offers you and your students extensive information from housing options, to details about how students can meet the locals, to a syllabi on every course page.

The pages within this section offer you some additional insight appropriate to advising students about the DIS model, however most of our information will be found throughout our website, so please follow helpful links to additional resources that will help you best advise your students!

Student-to-Student Advising & Additional Online Ways to Connect to DIS

DIS offers you and your students several additional ways to connect to DIS beyond our website and we are proud that our current students tell much of the DIS story, acting as ambassadors for future students. From blogging to student-created videos, and student photographs, you’ll find that most of our website and social media networks are populated by the images, quotes, and stories our students share. Try following our:

And encourage your students to share their story in Copenhagen or Stockholm during their semester by becoming a Student Blogger, Photographer, or Videographer!