Why Study Abroad at DIS?

DIS was founded in 1959 with a core mission: to facilitate intercultural understanding, promote academic curiosity, and foster a global mindset in each student.

So much has changed from 1959 to today, but even as the context around us shifts, our mission remains the exact same. As you begin on your study abroad story, read more below on what makes DIS a unique study abroad opportunity. 

Are you interested in understanding what guides our work? Read more about our mission and our commitments here. 

Why should you study abroad at DIS?

Freedom of Choice

DIS offers over 340 courses across 28 programs, making it easy for you to study abroad while keeping up with your academics, or allowing you to explore new topics during your time abroad.

Learn In and Out of the Classroom

Where you learn is just as important as what you learn. That’s why your courses emphasize place-based learning through Field Studies which take you out of the classroom to position academic topics within real life scenarios. Your Core Course also includes two faculty-led Study Tours to further contextualize your understanding of topics while in a relevant European destination.

Well-being Resources and 24/7 Support

Your health and safety are top priorities for us. At DIS, we have a Care Team of professional staff ready to support your physical and mental health, along with a 24-hour emergency phone. We also offer ways to support your well-being while abroad, such as meditation sessions and community building opportunities.

Connecting with Locals

Our housing options – ranging from living with a Homestay to living among international university students – are opportunities to build community outside of DIS and feel connected to the local culture. We host a variety of partnerships and meetups to help foster intercultural exchange and connect you with local clubs and volunteer organizations.

Inclusive Community

We offer a variety of resources and ways to feel at home during your time with DIS. This includes staff-facilitated affinity groups for Students of Color and for LGBTQ+ students and allies. In our classrooms, we accommodate a wide range of learning styles and academic needs. DIS also offers need-based and diversity scholarships to ensure students from all backgrounds can come and create their own spaces in Scandinavia.