DIS Conferences and Workshops

Benefits of Attending DIS Events

These professional development opportunities give you the chance to collaborate with colleagues within the field of education and faculty from across North America, in Stockholm, and Copenhagen. The goal is to inspire the love of learning for all participants as we strive to do for our students.

You gain an interactive introduction to the DIS programs and curriculum, the cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm, and the local cultures. They provide a forum for dialogue about DIS and broader issues in education abroad, including ways to further collaborate through Faculty-Led programs, research, visiting faculty opportunities, and more.

How does the IEW differ from the IEC?

The International Educators Workshop (IEW) is held bi-annually every fall and spring during the semester. The IEW focuses on mirroring the DIS student experience. The program is centered around observing courses and Field Studies, and creating a forum for dialogue about DIS and broader issues in education abroad. The next IEW will be held in Spring 2025, as DIS will be hosting the International Educators Conference (IEC) in 2024 in lieu of IEWs.

The International Educators Conference (IEC) is held every five years in June for senior administrators and faculty from partner institutions. Often, a DIS partner institution sends two or more colleagues to provide various perspectives. This experiential opportunity abroad fosters learning and greatly contributes to the internationalization of the campus upon return. The conference is comprised of interactive sessions and activities designed to foster dialogue and inspire DIS partners, staff, and faculty. The next IEC will be held June 10-14, 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Would you like to join us?

Invitations are issued to our partner institutions through the education abroad office/director. DIS conferences and workshops are designed for partner institutions, and space may be limited due to capacity and funding.