Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance at DIS

DIS maintains an elaborate system of quality control and development in order to deliver a comprehensive, high-quality educational product. While there is no single accepted measure of quality in study abroad, the fact that many of the U.S.’s top universities and colleges have chosen to become DIS partners vouches for the performance of the institution.

Danish Evaluation Institute Review

The Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA) evaluates educational programs and courses targeting non-Danish citizens. The evaluation concept is based on internationally approved methodological elements recommended by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).

In 2023, DIS received a positive Declaration of Recommendation from the EVA, concluding that the DIS program has a sufficient overall quality and meets defined standards. This recommendation serves as a prerequisite for applications of student visas for students planning to be enrolled in the program. The EVA Declaration of Recommendation is valid until March 2027.

School of Record Review

The DIS school of record is the University of Minnesota, which works closely with DIS on its curriculum and oversees program quality through direct DIS Curriculum Committee representation and DIS program reviews every four years.

The latest review was completed in March 2019. We are pleased to share the following feedback:

The review team was impressed with the overall academic program of DIS. The team concluded that the academic rigor of both the core courses and electives was on par with those housed at first-order U.S. institutions.”

Read the full report and DIS response here.

DIS Curriculum Committee

The DIS Curriculum Committee is a sub-committee under the DIS Faculty Executive Committee with representation from the University of Minnesota as the DIS school of record. University of Minnesota works closely with DIS regarding curriculum and program quality through representation on the DIS Curriculum Committee and through program reviews every fourth year (see above School of Record Review).

The goals of the Curriculum Committee are three-fold:

  1. To provide valuable input for DIS curricular developments and the continued alignment with the goals and needs of U.S. undergraduate institutions
  2. To ensure that University of Minnesota, as the School of Record, is kept abreast with the curriculum development and quality of DIS
  3. For the DIS Faculty to gain a better understanding of the requirements and quality measures of U.S. sending institutions

Annual Curriculum Feedback

It is our greatest priority that our courses meet your institution’s requirements for credit transfer. Each spring, DIS Program Directors work with faculty to thoroughly review the full offerings across DIS curriculum from courses to Study Tours. We reach out to all of our adviser and faculty contacts at our partner institutions for feedback on new course and program ideas, as well as to receive feedback on potential changes to our curriculum. Your expertise and feedback is taken into consideration before each course is finalized for the coming academic year.

DIS programs offer students a great variety of study options of high academic quality with a solid and engaging faculty as well as a strong support staff. Today, DIS ranks among the elite program providers. The keen interest of our students and the confidence of our faculty in DIS is no accident.”

– Adrian Beaulieu, Dean, Providence College

DIS Faculty Training and Professional Development

DIS faculty are experts in their fields, teaching either full time or part time while maintaining successful careers in business, architecture, research, media, politics, and other professions.

Our faculty, administrators, staff, and students engage in a constant feedback loop through which student impressions, successes, and concerns are communicated to DIS Program Directors and faculty though evaluations and focus groups each semester. New faculty attend a two-day training program that introduces them to the DIS teaching philosophy of engagement and experiential learning, as well as pedagogical expectations of an American student body. DIS holds additional training workshops and departmental training throughout the year, including a bi-annual faculty weekend retreat, and an annual DIS Educators Workshop for DIS faculty with our partner universities in Minnesota.