Mix and Match Sessions

2 cities. 5 sessions. 80+ courses. 50+ Study Tours in Europe. How will you create a unique summer in Stockholm and Copenhagen?

Summer Study Abroad in Scandinavia

Whether you need to fulfill additional credits, want to explore a topic your home university does not offer, or just want to study abroad to get to know a new culture, there are numerous ways to build your Summer at DIS.

How Mixing and Matching Works

You have the opportunity to study in either Stockholm, Copenhagen, or both. You take one course per session. The sessions vary in length, with different start and end dates – you choose which courses and sessions are best suited for you. There are three, four, or seven-week sessions, and you can stay for one session or combine sessions to stay from six to 10 weeks. Find an overview of session dates, Study Tour destinations, and credit info here:

DIS Summer 2021 Sessions

Mix and Match Sessions and Save

Think of the DIS summer sessions as building blocks. You receive a $1,200 discount for each additional session.

Tailor Your Summer Abroad

Your summer abroad with DIS can be tailor built to fit your needs and additional summer plans. You can combine two or three sessions, and either stay in one location or switch between Copenhagen and Stockholm!

Start Choosing Courses and Sessions

Diverse course offerings allow you to build your resumé, network with experts in the field, and explore Europe through an academic lens:

Read more about how to create a unique DIS Summer here

I decided to do the Mix & Match mainly because I could not choose between Copenhagen and Stockholm. Both cities seemed amazing, and I really wanted the chance to visit them. So when DIS offered summer courses in Stockholm, I was really excited.

Darcy , Franklin & Marshall College