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Did you choose to study abroad with DIS having followed a Summer Writer who shared their academic, cultural, and travel adventures with you? Continue the tradition and be an ambassador of the DIS experience!

Apply to Become a DIS Summer Writer

What Do DIS Summer Writers Do?

Summer Writers post as authors on the DIS Blog, discoverstudyabroad.org. As a Summer Writer, you are considered as a resource for future students to follow and ask you about your study abroad experience.

What Will You Reflect On?

We are looking for your real stories of studying abroad. We want you to relay what it is like to study at DIS. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Your courses, Field Studies, and Study Tours
  • Your cultural experiences; how do you engage with the local culture and community?
  • Stories of growing, living, and learning
  • Day-to-day exploration

Throughout a session, you post 3-5 times.

Why Should You Apply?

  • To build your resumé: You will post on the official DIS Blog and have a unique URL that you can share with future employers
  • You become an ambassador for DIS by sharing your knowledge and experience with other university students that are thinking of going abroad

Who Are We Looking For?

  • We require that you are mature, passionate about the courses you are taking, and have a desire to engage in your host city
  • You must be willing to tell your story in a creative and dynamic way, by considering your format and using photos throughout your text

Expectations and Compensation 

  • We require that you post regularly (a minimum of once a week) 
  • Your blog should be easy to navigate and contain certain elements as specified in the Summer Writer training 
  • We may ask you to participate in social media initiatives, such as taking over our accounts (primarily on Instagram Stories), or providing media for our platforms (such as TikTok) 
  • As an ambassador for DIS, you are a resource for prospective students and may be asked to answer questions on your blog or via social media 

This position is compensated with a stipend. Students who fulfill the requirements of their position will be paid at the end of their summer session. The stipend amount is determined by the length of the summer session; please see the stipends below: 

Stipend for students studying at DIS Copenhagen: 

  • Session 1: 300 DKK (approximately 40 USD, depending on currency exchange) 
  • Session 2: 300 DKK (approximately 40 USD, depending on currency exchange) 
  • Session 3: 400 DKK (approximately 60 USD, depending on currency exchange) 
  • Architecture and Design Session: 700 DKK (approximately 100 USD, depending on currency exchange) 
  • Labs and Research Session: 600 DKK (approximately 85 USD, depending on currency exchange) 

Stipend for students studying at DIS Stockholm: 

  • Session 1: 430 SEK (approximately 40 USD, depending on currency exchange) 
  • Session 2: 430 SEK (approximately 40 USD, depending on currency exchange) 
  • Session 3: 570 SEK (approximately 55 USD, depending on currency exchange) 
  • Labs and Research Session: 870 SEK (approximately 85 USD, depending on currency exchange) 

How to Apply

If you would like to be considered for a Summer 2023 Student Writer position, please apply by May 14, 2023.

Positions are competitive! Be sure to contact us by the deadline.

Questions? Contact studentmedia@dis.dk.

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