DIS Summer Housing Placement Process

Matching You with the Best Summer Housing Placement

We would like to make you aware of how DIS places you in your housing:

  1. DIS guarantees housing to all students who request it.
  2. Housing placements and accommodations are made on an individual basis. In order to create housing communities where all students can thrive, the DIS Housing Team reviews each housing application individually to determine your placement. In addition to considering the preferences shared in your housing essay, we are committed to honoring your accommodation needs related to religion, disability, and gender identity. Reach out to healthaccommodation@disabroad.org if there’s anything you’d like us to know about how to support your accommodation needs related to these identities, and be sure to upload any disability accommodation documentation to your registration portal before the housing application deadline.
  3. Your housing placement is based on the summer sessions and courses you are enrolled in, as well as your housing application.
    For example, if enrolled in Session 1 and 2, you will likely live with others taking courses in those sessions. Note: Any edits made after one month before your departure will not be considered (due to the matching process). In addition, DIS matches you with the best housing option based on your application and other registration factors. It is therefore important that in your housing application you describe your daily routines and interests in detail, so that DIS match you with the housing placement that is the best fit for you. See overview of summer housing
  4. DIS strives to divide classmates from the same university.
    Most students study abroad to have new experiences and meet new people, so this is a main factor of our housing placements. If you come from a university who has sent a sizable cohort to DIS, expect that DIS will strive to place you in different housing communities.
  5. Requests to live with a specific roommate or for specific buildings locations will not be honored. We believe this encourages you to meet new people. DIS will place you in a location where we think you will enjoy living and be successful in engaging with the community.