Stockholm in the Summer

Why study abroad in Stockholm during the summer?

Study in the Heart of Stockholm

DIS Stockholm is located in one of Stockholm’s most beautiful neighborhoods in the new award-winning Royal College of Music building.

Build Your Network in a Progressive Capital

Stockholm is the hub for politics, industry, fashion, and research in Sweden — perfect for Field Studies that take you out of the classroom and into the city.

These next 3-4 weeks (or perhaps even longer) will be some of the best weeks of your entire life. Get out there and meet new people, try out some Swedish phrases, and get temporarily lost in the metro system.

Nash, Yale University

Island Hop Through the City

With 14 islands making up the city, each day brings a new adventure. Explore the bustling metropolis of central Stockholm. Meet friends for an afternoon fika at a quaint café in Gamla Stan. Pack a picnic, and join other locals basking in the sun at your favorite overlook on the water.

Freedom to Roam

Grab a kayak or your hiking boots and enjoy allemansrätten — the democratic concept that Sweden’s natural environment belongs to everyone. Kayak out to one of the 30,000 islands that stretch from the city to the Baltic Sea, or head inland for a weekend hike in Sweden’s spectacular nature.

I believe that everybody who has the opportunity to study abroad should branch out of their comfort zone at home and consider giving it a try.

Evan, Ohio State University

Discover Lagom

The Swedes pride themselves on their sense of life balance called lagom. This phrase applies across so many aspects of life – from the country prioritizing that both parents enjoy a generous parental leave with their children, to the personal side of life in knowing just the right amount of guests to invite to a party to ensure a sense of coziness.