DIS Communication with Your Home University and Emergency Contacts

DIS Communication with Your Home School

DIS will work cooperatively with your home university/college throughout your application, Student Registration, pre-departure advising, and time abroad with DIS. Further, DIS will notify your home school and work with them to resolve any incidents including health, safety, or disciplinary matters.

DIS Communication with Your Emergency Contacts

DIS may contact your listed emergency contact(s) (submitted in Student Registration) under any of the following circumstances:

  1. You give express permission (oral or written)
  2. To request contact information because DIS is not able to reach you using contact information supplied to DIS.
  3. You:
    1. are unable to speak for yourself (and medical decisions need to be made on your behalf);
    2. have been missing for more than 24 hours (and there is some indication of nefarious activity);
    3. are perceived to be a danger to yourself or others.
  4. When a significant health, safety, or security incident affecting the entire program has occurred abroad. This is normally following an incident such as natural disaster or a terrorist attack in the vicinity of the program, and no personally indefinable information is reported.

Inclusion on the above list does not guarantee DIS communication with your emergency contact as DIS will often defer to your home school’s decisions related to communication with emergency contacts. Your home school may choose to be in communications with parents/emergency contacts in cases where DIS would not.

In addition, if you opted these contacts into the Family Newsletter communication, DIS will be in touch with them through email. No specifics about you are shared.