Scandinavia as Your Home

Stockholm and Copenhagen have a friendly rivalry to be the capital of Scandinavia. Which will you side with? With the long days of Scandinavian summer, you’ll have plenty of sunlight hours to explore.

Scandinavian Summer Abroad

Experience a Scandinavian summer with DIS, where you have the chance to live and study in Stockholm, Copenhagen, or both!

Scandinavia as Your Home

Stockholm and Copenhagen are both hubs to industries and fields relevant to your courses. Hands-on learning experiences take you out of the classroom – you meet experts, explore historic sites and exhibitions, and hear from locals that add to your perspective. Through your courses, you get to know the cities you call home for the summer.

Summer at DIS

Experience cultural and hands-on learning inside and outside of the classroom. All classes are in-person, with faculty who teach what they do.

Which city will you make your home this summer?

The two cities are distinctly unique, and you may not know how much they complement each other until you meet them both. Read about these two favorite capitals of northern Europe and find out what they are all about: