Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations

During the term, the relationship between the student and DIS is the same as that which exists between the student and their home university, unless special regulations have been agreed upon between DIS and the home university. Communication from DIS to students is mostly by email, therefore, students are responsible for reading their email on a regular basis.

Attendance at all scheduled classes is required, and each student is individually responsible for all material covered or assigned in class. Likewise, attendance at field study sessions and study tours is required. Participation in the full orientation program in Copenhagen and/or Stockholm is also mandatory for all students.

Full attendance is a formal requirement for continued enrollment in the DIS program. Non-adherence to this requirement may, after warning, result in dismissal from individual courses or from the program.

It is to be specifically noted that individual travel cannot take place during the term on days scheduled for class instruction, field study sessions or study tours. For all DIS study tours, students are required to travel to the destination with their group, and they cannot join the tour from another destination.

Active participation is included in the computation of final grades. Participation extends to all academic activities inside and outside of the classroom.

COVID-19 and Attendance

We all have a collective responsibility to avoid the spread of COVID-19 at DIS. Throughout your summer session(s), please monitor yourself carefully for symptoms of COVID-19 (dry cough, high temperature, breathing difficulties, sore throat, headache, muscle pain, loss of smell/taste). If you experience any of these symptoms, please stay home and contact the DIS emergency phone. The respondent will coordinate with Academic Support, who will in turn contact your individual faculty. If you are otherwise well but isolating due to possible exposure or mild symptoms, it is your responsibility to keep up with your coursework – we will organize hybrid classes for you to join via Zoom. If you are unwell due to COVID-19 and unable to attend class or study, your absence will be excused. Your faculty will work with you to ensure you are able to make up missed course content due to illness. You are still responsible for completing any missed work.

If you are unable to attend classes, virtually or physically, due to illness for more than two classes, your faculty may contact you and/or Academic Support to determine how to proceed.

Completion of Required Course Work and Examinations/Tests

All work for a course must be submitted for a student to be eligible for a passing grade. Students are responsible for handing in all course work on time. Assignments handed in after a deadline will be awarded the grade of F or downgraded according to the instructor’s own guidelines. Students are responsible for seeing that they arrive on time for all examinations and written or oral tests. Exams or tests can take place on any scheduled class or exam day during the published dates of the term. Faculty reserve the right to change dates of tests with notice, as long as alternative times fall within the regular course schedule. Failure to take a test or exam at the indicated time and place will result in the grade of F. No exceptions to this policy will be made except in cases of documented illness or family emergency, both reported before the exam or test.

Grade Appeal

The DIS grade appeal procedure is available to you during and after your stay abroad with a six-month statute of limitation after the final course grade has been issued. The student is required to provide written evidence indicating a mistake, fraud, or bad faith on the part of the instructor and submit it to the DIS Academic Counselor and Registrar (, who will review it and receive input from involved faculty or staff. After reviewing the complaint, the Academic Director will render the final decision within 30 days of submission.

Religious Observance

DIS does not publish a policy with regard to religious holidays, as we believe that this can and should be discussed between students and instructors rather than on an institutional basis. If students approach teachers about missing class due to religious observance, we encourage teachers to work with you. Missed class should not mean missing the work – students are still responsible for any reading or written work due on that day. You should arrange to get a copy of notes from a classmate.

It sometimes happens that DIS travel and/or study tour events fall on religious holidays. The dates of study tours are advertised in the DIS catalog and on the website well in advance and can be checked for conflicts. For some, observance might require not traveling on a certain day or time, or an advanced return from a trip overseas. This should be discussed with the Study Tour department as early as possible so that they are aware that you will be separating from the group. Your study tour leaders should also be provided with any relevant information. You should also talk with the teacher of your class to make them aware of any visits you have not participated in.

Because our tours travel as groups you will be responsible for arranging any travel that varies from the tour as arranged. This includes any additional costs incurred.