Renting a Bike Independently in Copenhagen

Emergency Response and Contingency Plan, DIS Summer

If you are enrolled in a session at DIS Copenhagen, you may want to consider renting a bike. Biking always makes your commute to class just a little more convenient and is a great way to discover your local neighborhood.

Once you have been assigned a housing placement, you will receive communications regarding the transportation options that are available to you. If you are eligible for Housing-to-DIS Transportation Coverage, you can choose to have a Summer Bike for your time abroad. If you are not eligible or do not choose the Semester Bike option, you can still rent a bike on your own (independently). However, your bike rental will not be subsidized or covered by DIS.

Take Part in the Local Culture: Rent a Bike

When renting a bike independently, you can arrange to rent a bike before you arrive in Copenhagen or you can wait until you arrive. Past students have used these bike rental companies which offer student discounts:

If you do not want to rent a bike for your full time here, or want to rent bikes for family and friends visiting, many companies offer short term rentals.

Resources: Biking in Copenhagen

Are you curious to know more about biking in Copenhagen? Find further info here, such as how to take your bike on the train and where to park near DIS.