Visiting a Doctor, Hospital, Dentist, or Pharmacy Abroad

Visiting a doctor, hospital, pharmacy abroad, DIS Summer

As a student coming abroad to DIS, you may navigate healthcare systems that differ from those at home. To make this as clear and easy for you as possible, familiarize yourself with these resources. 

Access to Health Care

Most visits to the doctor, hospitalization, prescriptions, and prescribed medicine are covered by the DIS comprehensive health insurance. Because you are in Scandinavia for such a short time, you will not receive access to the Swedish or Danish national healthcare systems. Therefore, if you visit a doctor, expect to pay fees out of pocket and then file for insurance reimbursement.

Find information about the DIS health insurance here

Information for Sweden and Denmark


Stop by the Student Hub at Vestergade 23, or email

Stop by the Student Hub in the 4D Corridor, or email