Become a Partner

become a partner

Partner with DIS

DIS works in partnership with approximately 200 institutions. See the full list of DIS partners. 95% of enrollment comes from partner institutions, of which over 90% are ‘most’ or ‘more selective’ institutions, according to US News & World Report. DIS assists partner universities in internationalizing their institutions in various ways, according to mutual agreement. DIS also works very closely with non-partner institutions.

A partner not only approves DIS, but also has a formalized relationship through a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA).

Partners are not obligated to send any specific number of students to DIS, and no fee is charged to obtain or maintain partner status. After an MoA is signed, DIS works with the new partner to complete a comprehensive review to establish a common understanding of each institution’s expectations and requirements in regard to academics, admissions, housing, invoicing, and so forth.

Benefits and Expectations of Partnership

  • High level of personalized service and support
  • Customized invoicing opportunities
  • DIS encourages faculty, administrators, and advisors to exercise due diligence through visits to DIS. Site visits are organized each semester in the form of International Educators Workshops (IEW)
  • Customized registration for your students reflecting your housing and academic policies regarding credit load, pass/fail, and other restrictions
  • Preference of applicants from partners is taken into consideration in waitlist situations
  • Campus visits from DIS, designed for outreach, professional development, and institutional collaboration
  • Partners are expected to take an active role in the evaluation and development of the DIS curriculum and other programming at least once/year via email, and during visits to and from DIS as possible/relevant
  • Visiting faculty opportunities