Summer Curriculum Updates

What’s New at DIS Stockholm & Copenhagen for Summer 2024?

Your students can choose from courses across 6 sessions, 2 locations, and over 60 disciplines. They can stay for one session or combine sessions, earning up to 9 credits throughout the summer with DIS.


Below is a list of updates for summer 2024:


Changes to the summer structure at DIS

All of our summer sessions are now either three weeks long with a three-credit course or six weeks long with a six-credit course.

Study Tours are included in Session 2, Furniture Design Sessions, and the Architecture & Design Session, plus select courses in other sessions.

Because of this restructuring, some of our courses have shifted sessions from when they ran in previous summers.

You can find our summer 2024 overview of all sessions and their dates here.


New Furniture Design Sessions

Due to increased popularity and demand, we are offering a second section of our Furniture Design course. The two Furniture Design courses are now housed within their own Furniture Design Sessions separately from our Architecture & Design Session.

Students can study Furniture Design from May 21 – July 5 and add a course in Session 3 OR take a course in Session 1 and study Furniture Design from June 16 – July 27

Both Furniture Design Sessions include a course-integrated Study Tour.


New Labs, Research, & Practicums Session

Formerly Labs & Research, this session now includes the course Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe, along with its corresponding practicum.

This is our fist step in bringing more of our practicum opportunities offered during the semester to the summer as well, giving students the opportunity to gain practical workplace experience alongside their summer studies.


New summer elective courses