Summer Curriculum Updates

What’s New at DIS Stockholm & Copenhagen in Summer 2018?

Summer courses will be offered in DIS Stockholm in 2018 as well as DIS Copenhagen! And we encourage DIS students to mix and match sessions between our two locations by including costs of transferring between the locations – keeping DIS summer tuition costs low for your students.

Students can choose between three, four, or seven-week sessions at one location, or combine sessions…and locations…earning up to 12 credits throughout the summer with DIS. Summer 2018 session dates can be found here.

Session 1

  • Active Citizenship in Denmark (Copenhagen)
  • Activism: Gender, Sexuality, and Race (Stockholm)
  • Medical Diagnostics (Stockholm)
  • Nordic Mythology (Copenhagen)
  • Scandinavian Crime Fiction (Stockholm)
  • Sustainable Denmark: Solutions and Dilemmas (Copenhagen)
  • Understanding Terrorism: Causes, Solutions, and Dilemmas (Stockholm)

Session 2

  • Gender, Equality, and Sexuality in Scandinavia (Stockholm) + Study Tour to Berlin
  • International Strategy and Leadership: Case Studies (Copenhagen) + Study Tour to Saint Petersburg-Stockholm
  • Power of Women in the Viking Age (Stockholm) + Study Tour to York
  • Psychology of Political Behavior (Stockholm) + Study Tour to Berlin
  • Public Finance: European Perspectives (Stockholm) + Study Tour to Athens
  • Translational Medicine: From Bench to Bedside (Stockholm) + Study Tour to London-Oxford

Session 3

  • Lifespan Psychology: Shaping the Self (Stockholm) + Study Tour to Zurich
  • Nordic Culinary Culture (Copenhagen) + Study Tour to the Faroe Islands
  • Public Health Policy in Practice (Stockholm) + Study Tour to Belfast-Dublin
  • Trash Culture: Consumption, Waste, and Re-use (Stockholm) + Study Tour to London
  • World of Vikings: Facts, Fiction, and Fantasy (Moves to Stockholm) + Study Tour to Iceland