Digital Fashion and the BodySummer Course

Major Discipline(s)
Design, Fashion Studies, Gender Studies
Location: Copenhagen
Session 3

Fashion holds capacity, as well as responsibility, in the shaping of body images and ideals in our everyday lives. We see and experience certain bodies as desirable, while others are subjected to stigmatization. Is fashion by default an oppressing force that limits diverse representation of the body, or can fashion equally be used as a tool of body inclusivity? In this course, you can experiment, debate, and create design expressions within conceptual fashion that bridge body and garment in new, alternative ways. Our primary goal is to explore nonconforming and abstract ways of carrying and displaying the body through fashion – what do we understand as a body, what is the premise of beauty, and how can fashion serve as a vehicle for these stories?


Jeppe Juel Rishøj

DIS Summer Faculty

M.A, Cand.Des, (Fashion Design, The Royal Danish Academy). Jeppe work with an artistic and experimental approach to fashion design, working in a cross field between the digital and analogue mixing traditional clothing construction with digital art and sculpting methods. In his projects Jeppe explores clothes as an extension of the body, and fashion's ability to transform and abstract our physical self. With DIS since 2021.