Faculty-Led Opportunities for U.S. Faculty

Faculty-Led Opportunities for U.S. Faculty

Bring Your Course and Students to Copenhagen

An opportunity to enhance your course with first-hand Danish/Scandinavian perspectives. Take advantage of the existing DIS student support structure, so you just have to focus on your teaching!

The DIS Faculty-Led Summer Program Model

DIS offers to act as your local support organization should you choose to run part of, or a whole, summer program in Copenhagen. The following qualifies as a faculty-led course here at DIS:

  • Course taught and designed by faculty from your university for your students
  • Course administered by your university: recruitment, registration, credit/grade issue, billing through your university
  • Course delivered by the faculty from your university based on own syllabus and teaching, rather than DIS delivering a customized academic program/study tour
  • Usually three or four weeks in duration and follows the DIS summer session calendar

On-site support from DIS

  • Comprehensive student housing and student services
  • Arrival support and orientation (following DIS arrival dates)
  • Comprehensive facilities: classrooms, IT services, library, student lounges
  • Guest lectures to complement your course with DIS faculty working in academia and the professions

DIS is truly a partner. DIS is willing to offer special classes or make program changes if necessary to serve our particular needs. The staff are true believers in continuous improvement of their programs, with frequent instructor observation and coaching – the results are very impressive.”


– Brad Brown, Professor of Commerce, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia

Recent Program Examples

Saint Lawrence University: SLU faculty brings the three-week Neuroscience of Fear course to Copenhagen, enriching the curriculum with Danish guest lecturers. DIS also provides comprehensive student housing, student services, and facilities. This program is taught by alternating SLU faculty. Since summer 2011.

University of Colorado at Denver: UC Denver alternates faculty teams bringing the Scandinavian By Design course to Copenhagen, studying design in daily life in one of the design capitals in the world. DIS provides guest lectures, comprehensive student housing, student services, and facilities. Since summer 2011.

Bucknell University: Professor Chris Boyatzis brings his course Cultural Diversity and Child Development to Copenhagen to study Denmark’s unique approach to child development. DIS provides guest lectures, comprehensive student housing, student services, and facilities. Since summer 2011.

Washington and Lee University: Professors Elizabeth Oliver and Robert Straughan bring their freshman seminar students to study corporate social responsibility in Scandinavia. The program runs every other year, and DIS provides student services, cultural trips, and facilities. Since summer 2011.