Customized & Faculty-Led Program Opportunities

Collaborate with DIS to develop your program in Copenhagen, Stockholm, or both!

With nearly 60 years of experience in study abroad, the extensive DIS academic network and student support structure in Copenhagen and Stockholm provides you the opportunity to develop and enhance your unique program with an integrated Scandinavian perspective.

In conjunction with acting as the local support organization, both academically and logistically, our local networks allow us to arrange the following to enhance your customized program:

  • Guest lectures with DIS faculty who teach what they do
  • Experiential learning opportunities integrating site visits, Field Studies, and/or Study Tours
  • Cultural engagement (i.e., dinners with local families, guided tours with local experts, and cohort-building activities)

DIS is truly a partner. DIS is willing to offer special classes or make program changes if necessary to serve our particular needs. The staff are true believers in continuous improvement of their programs, with frequent instructor observation and coaching – the results are very impressive.”

– Brad Brown, Professor of Commerce, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia