DIS Talks

Expand your perspectives on the grand challenges of our time, while connecting with fellow alumni.

The expertise of DIS faculty has always spanned a wide range of topics. Students today can choose to focus their studies while abroad on over 300 courses across 27 different programs. DIS Talks aim to offer you similar continued learning opportunities from the inspiring, talented, and diverse group of DIS faculty.

Whether it’s exploring different aspects of European geo-political challenges, Nordic parenting trends, climate change strategies, Scandinavian equality, engineering projects that will shape our collective futures, or Scandinavian design philosophies – DIS Talks aim to give you a deeper understanding of the world around us today. Re-enter the virtual classroom with us, whether you’re already passionate about the topic or simply interested in learning more.

Join us at the next DIS Talk, for an hour of engaging and inspiring perspectives!

See our upcoming DIS Talks below. Stay up-to-date on event details by visiting the Alumni Community’s LinkedIn and Facebook groups.


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