Advising on DIS Academic Offerings

The DIS model offers your students Scandinavia as their home and Europe as their classroom. The following illustrates our academic model at DIS:

DIS Copenhagen vs DIS Stockholm

DIS Copenhagen has been running since 1959, and for the first time in fall 2016, we will be opening our doors in a new city with the start of DIS Stockholm. While DIS Copenhagen offers your students expansive academic choice with 22 programs and over 200 electives during the semester, and over 50 summer courses, DIS Stockholm will offer your students a more intimate experience. DIS Stockholm programs and elective courses have been strategically chosen to work well together – whether your students are interested in psychology, gender studies, or pre-med…or they wish to fulfill several liberal arts electives.

We hope your school will work with us in building this exciting new study abroad destination, however if your school decides not to approve DIS Stockholm right away, DIS will work with you to assure we advise your students correctly at the time of application.

DIS Semester Programs

All semester students apply to enroll in one program, focusing on a specific academic field or topic in the form of a core course. Unique to the DIS academic model is that each core course includes two course-integrated study tours. Early in the semester, students delve into their academic focus during Core Course Week, in which they travel on a faculty-led short study tour for three days and then return to Copenhagen or Stockholm for a two-day seminar. Later in the semester, they travel with their core course on a week-long study tour in Europe. Participation in these tours is required and the cost is included in the comprehensive tuition fee.

This integration of course work and study tours is a unique feature of DIS. The idea behind it is to offer students a strong academic focus while studying and traveling abroad without compromising their ability to choose electives according to their major requirements and interests.

Most core courses carry three credits, however some that include design studios or hands-on practicums/labs, are six credits.

Semester Elective Courses

Most elective courses earn three semester credits, while a few carry one or six credits. All courses are designed for upper-division undergraduate students, with the exception of DIS Language and Culture courses. All courses are taught in English. Courses at DIS include a blend of lectures, group work, and field study visits.

Students have additional academic opportunities while at DIS – from research projects to hands-on practicums and labs to the performing arts!

Optional Study Tours

Optional Study Tours are academic and embedded in a 1- or 3-credit elective course by the same name, to ensure quality and depth of the tour. Optional Study Tours come at an additional fee, however, they are subsidized by DIS by an average of 25% of the cost. The tours supplement your students’ travel by allowing them to see Europe through the lens of an expert faculty member. The tours are not manditory to enroll in, however if a student enrolls in an Optional Study Tour course, they must travel on the tour.

Full-Year Students

Normally, full-year students switch to a new program in their second semester, enrolling in a new core course and new study tours, while continuing to be able to take advantage of the wide variety of electives offered. Students may also arrange to do a research project within the academic field of the core course they took in the previous semester if approved by their home school. Students that wish to change cities in between semesters may do so as well at no extra cost and full year students receive a substantial discount.

Summer Sessions

Summer session options are available at DIS Copenhagen only in 2016. Your students can choose from three, four, or seven-week single course options. They can also mix and match summer sessions to stay six, seven, or up to 10 weeks and earn from three up to 12 credits.