Advising on the Application and Registration Process

Application and Registration Process

How the DIS Application Process Works

The DIS North American Office (NAO) normally admits students to DIS; in rare cases, a partner institution may have the opportunity to directly admit qualified applicants to DIS programs.

The DIS Get Started form provides students with a simple first step to the application process. Students then receive an email response from DIS explaining how to apply to DIS, whether through the home institution or by proceeding to the DIS Full Application.


The NAO communicates registration instructions and passwords to all admitting partners approximately six months in advance of each semester or summer. At the same time, our registration systems are opened for the coming semester. Admitted students should be given these instructions as early as possible to log in to the Student Registration System to submit their preferences regarding courses, housing, Study Tours, and other program offerings.

If your student(s) have applied directly through DIS and been admitted, they will receive registration login information directly from us approximately six months out from the start of the semester, or once their admission is confirmed.

Pre-departure Resources/Advising

From the time students begin online registration until they depart, admitted students receive regular correspondence from the NAO regarding residence permits, pre-departure information, academic advising, arrival details, housing information, and more. They will be prepared with the online pre-departure DIS Compass Course that leads them through all they need to know in the months prior to their departure – linking them into the resources made available throughout our website: