Pay It Forward

Donate to support the next generations of DIS students.

The DIS Alumni Community Foundation believes that no student should be denied the opportunity to expand their cultural horizons, deepen their intellectual curiosity, and develop their identity as global citizens through study abroad.

Aside from my marriage and my children, little in my life has impacted me more than that semester in Denmark in 1981.

John Saeli, DIS student in 1981

DIS knows it, too, which is why they already award over $1 million annually for student scholarships to support the next generation of DIS alumni. But what if we could go further?

Cost is still preventing many students from living their dreams of studying abroad in Scandinavia, and the DIS Alumni Community Foundation wants to help. Your donation will:

  • Fund need-based scholarships for students with limited financial resources and/or those representing identities or populations underrepresented in study abroad and at DIS today
  • Support the Alumni Community and other fundraising initiatives aimed at increasing access and opportunity for tomorrow’s DIS students!

You can make a difference! Join us by donating today.

All donations are made in U.S. dollars to the DIS Alumni Community Foundation, a U.S. registered 501c3 non-profit organization. U.S.-based donors may be able to take a charitable contribution deduction for their gift.

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