Summer Sessions: Housing & Student Life Inclusions

Spring Housing, IEW at DIS

The below information offers you additional details about what is included in the DIS Comprehensive Housing & Support Fees.

Summer Housing Fee Inclusions

Given the various structures of DIS housing options, the Comprehensive Housing Fee covers the different aspects of each housing option. Review what is included in each option below.

The administration of housing and student life is included in the fee, which helps, to the extent possible, DIS prioritize quality assurance of your living spaces and personalized matching of students based on personal interests, likes, dislikes, and dietary restrictions.

DIS Housing: Comprehensive Housing Fee Inclusions

Housing Option Offered: All Summer Sessions

  • A furnished room with towels, blanket, pillow, and bed linen. Facilities Assistance of room and furnishings (however, cleaning is not included for any DIS housing option)
  • A fully-equipped kitchenette (with equipment, dishes, and utensils) individually or shared with your roommate or with your floor/building
  • DIS Copenhagen: Transportation coverage for the length of your daily commute from your housing to DIS if you are not within walking distance to DIS; DIS Stockholm: A transportation pass that covers all transportation across Stockholm
  • Laundry facilities
  • Internet access
  • Private or shared bathroom facilities
  • A Community Advisor that assists you in building healthy living communities and helps with the practicalities of life in Denmark and Sweden
  • Administration, counseling, and 24-hour emergency support from the DIS Housing & Student Life Team
  • Comprehensive health, accident, and liability insurance
  • Pre-departure advising, Arrival Day group pick up from the airport (during scheduled hours), and an Arrival Workshop to ensure you are well prepared for living in Copenhagen or Stockholm

Independent Housing (self-arranged): Fee Inclusions

You may arrange your own housing for your Summer Session. With this, you pay a fee to cover support services (inclusions listed below). DIS cannot assist with rent payments, deposits, furnishings, bedding, transportation, food costs, etc.

If you have already signed up for DIS housing, but wish to switch to Independent Housing, find the Cancellations and Change Fees here.

Student Life Inclusions

Generally, your support fee includes:

  • Pre-departure & on-site student information, academic, and IT support services
  • DIS Arrival Workshop
  • Health, accident, and liability insurance
  • Advising and assistance regarding Legal Residence Process (only those that pertain to attending the DIS program)
  • 24-hour emergency support

Find out much more about what is available to you while studying at DIS by visiting the Student Resources section.