Stockholm Transportation Coverage

DIS Summer, Mix and Match between Copenhagen and Stockholm

DIS provides transportation passes to all students who are signed up for DIS housing.

What is the transportation pass?

Your transportation pass allows you to travel within the public transportation system of Stockholm, called SL. Transportation passes are valid for subways, commuter-trains, regional trains, buses, trams, and SL boats.

In your Arrival Envelope, you will receive a green SL card, as well as a piece of paper with your SL code and instructions for loading the code onto your card.

One you load your code onto your SL card and use it on public transportation for the first time, your pass is valid for the duration of your time in Stockholm, including if you are staying for more than one summer session in Stockholm. If you do Session 1 in Stockholm, Session 2 in Copenhagen, and Session 3 back in Stockholm, you will need to hold on to your SL card, as it will be valid still when you come back for Session 3.

What is the transportation pass used for?

Travel to and from DIS, as well as transportation around the city and when on Field Studies.

How do I get a replacement card if mine is lost or stolen?

You cannot register for the card replacement guarantee online when you are loading your code onto your SL card because you do not have a Swedish personal number. You are strongly encouraged to register your card in-person with SL Customer Service by going to their customer service center at T-Centralen and bring your passport as a form of ID. If you lose your card, the only way you can replace your card for free is if you previously registered it in-person with SL Customer Service. DIS cannot order a new SL card/code for you.