Transferring between Stockholm and Copenhagen

While studying with DIS, you have the opportunity to discover Scandinavia by spending sessions in both Copenhagen and Stockholm during your summer abroad.

Travel Covered by DIS

DIS transports you between the two cities at the conclusion of your session, whether you start in Stockholm and head to Copenhagen, or vice versa. This transport applies to students who are studying within consecutive sessions (with the exception of students who are living in independent housing).

The costs of this organized transfer are covered by DIS, and you get to stop along the way to explore, eat lunch, and acquaint yourself with fellow students who are also switching locations for the next session.

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Transport Dates between Sessions

You can find the transport dates for your summer, as well as an overview of summer session dates, on the DIS Summer Calendar.

See the transport dates and overview of sessions on our DIS Summer calendar

Arrival to Your New Scandinavian City

Once you have arrived in either Stockholm or Copenhagen, you spend the rest of the weekend settling into your new surroundings. Thereafter, the Arrival Workshop orients you to DIS and your new city. The Arrival Workshop is mandatory.