DIS Alumni Community Foundation

The Foundation operates to engage alumni with the ongoing work of DIS.

The DIS Alumni Community Foundation is an independent non-profit 501c3 organization, founded in 2021. The Foundation is a charitable organization operating to engage alumni with the ongoing work of DIS, including raising funds to support current and future students through scholarships and other initiatives.

The Foundation is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors and two non-voting DIS staff members:

  • Brad Stepan (Alumni Community Foundation Executive Director)
  • Swenyu Hu (Alumni Community Foundation Secretary)


Current Alumni Community Foundation Board Members

Left: Jade Denson | Center: Amar Rewari   | Right: Valerie Vanderwest

Jade Denson, Chairperson

Jade studied in the Sociology program in 2013 in Copenhagen and later worked at the DIS North American Office from 2015-17. After Jade’s DIS experience, she became passionate about leveraging experiential learning as a framework for growth and development. Today, she is the Senior Manager of the Tech Talent Programs team within Target Tech where she builds learning experiences to deepen software engineers’ growth and development. Reelected February 2023 and current term will end in February 2025.


Amar Rewari, Vice Chairperson  

Amar studied in the Medical Practice and Policy Program in 1999 in Copenhagen. Today, he is Chief of Radiation Oncology at Luminis Health in Annapolis, Maryland and championing healthcare finance and payment reform. He currently also serves as Vice Chair of the Board for the Fund for Education Abroad, the largest provider of study abroad scholarships for students of color and financial hardship. Elected March 2022 and current term will end in February 2024.


Valerie Vanderwest, Treasurer

Valerie studied in the Humanities & Social Sciences program in 2003-2004 in Copenhagen, as a non-traditional student, having already worked professionally in the music industry prior to her DIS studies. After falling in love with Copenhagen, she returned as a program assistant in the European Politics program in 2005-2006. Today, Valerie is the Director of Events for the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. Elected March 2022 and current term will end in February 2024.