Health, Safety, and Support

Health and Safety

Your health and safety are among our top priorities while you are at DIS, whether you are in Copenhagen, other parts of Denmark, or traveling in Europe as part of the DIS program.

Your Health, Safety, and Security Abroad

Safety on the DIS program is a shared responsibility and requires students to be well-informed and active participants in their own well-being while attending our program. DIS provides students with extensive health and safety information through pre-departure advising, on-site orientations and online resources so students and their parents can prepare themselves for the student’s time abroad. Experienced staff are also always ready to answer questions.

While no organization or institution can guarantee the safety of participants abroad, the risks can be significantly reduced if staff, students, parents, and advisers at the home institutions all work together. Use this section for useful advice regarding your own health, safety, and security abroad. These pages provide further information on resources, safety measures, contingency plans, and practical information for your semester with DIS.

DIS Copenhagen, located in the heart of the city, is a contrast to the settings of my small liberal arts school in rural Upstate New York. Having never left the country before studying abroad, I was intimidated by living in an entirely new and foreign city. However, once I arrived and traveled independently in European cities, I realized I just needed to take a few extra steps to ensure my safety. I was conscious of the people around me, the areas I walked through, and the security of my personal belongings. In Copenhagen, I noticed the trust the locals upheld with one another and I felt safe and comfortable. Yet, as an American traveling abroad, I always navigated with caution through my host city as well as new cities I explored throughout my semester.

Katie, Hobart and William Smith Colleges