Why Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is one of the most livable cities in the world, where locals enjoy a high quality of life in a vibrant capital.

DIS in the Heart of the Medieval City

Copenhagen consistently tops surveys of the world’s best places to live, and hits the sweet spot between a relaxed, village-like atmosphere and a vibrant big city vibe.

If you choose Copenhagen as your home, you will attend classes in the heart of Copenhagen, within walking distance to the waterfront, research libraries, political agencies, quaint cafés, and rich cultural activities.

Old Meets New

Copenhagen matches 16th-century architecture with world-class modern design, well-planned bike lanes, harbor baths, skate parks, food markets, and more.

Sustainability is Key

Copenhagen’s many public gardens and inventive urban spaces are a testament to its commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle. By 2025, Copenhagen aims to be the world’s first carbon-neutral capital.

Getting Around is Easy

Copenhagen’s medieval cobbled streets are easy to explore on foot or by bicycle, which is the preferred means of transportation in a city boasting 400 kilometers of bike lanes.

A Combination of Tradition and Innovation

Constantly on the cusp of innovation, the Danish capital is changing the global agenda for sustainability, design, architecture, and food. Yet locals still embrace their cultural roots in many ways, such as gathering for elaborate smørrebrød lunches with family or friends.

Danish Lifestyle

Life in Copenhagen is largely lived outdoors, and enjoyed at a slower pace than in many other capitals. Perhaps this is part of the explanation as to why the Danes are often named the happiest people in the world.

Go Explore

Each neighborhood in the city has a different pulse, all connected by a stream of bikers and metro stops. On your way to class in the oldest part of Copenhagen, you are surrounded by a network of walking streets, canals lined with colorful houses, public gardens with castles, and spires dotting the skyline.

What Makes Copenhagen a Great Place to Study Abroad?

  • Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is the hub for politics, business, design, and research sectors
  • By 2025, the city aims to be the world’s first carbon-neutral capital
  • The Danes are often named the happiest people in the world living in one of the most peaceful nations in the world
  • While the Danes pay some of the highest taxes in the world, and citizens have equal access and services paid for by their taxes, including healthcare and education
  • The city has 400 kilometers of bike lanes

“So much of Copenhagen’s charm is packed into the little details – the cobblestones, the street musicians, the unbelievable number of cafes, and the sound of spinning bicycle wheels.”

-Lydia, University of Rochester