Your Legal Residence Process (Semester)

Your Danish Residence Permit and CPR Card

During your semester abroad, you’ll need two important cards: A Danish Residence Permit and a CPR Card. Your Legal Residence Process refers to the process you will undergo to apply for and obtain both of these cards.

  • The Residence Permit: Known colloquially as ‘visa,’ your Danish Residence Permit proves that you are in the country legally. When traveling to and from Denmark, you may be asked to show your Danish Residence Permit at customs to prove that you have the right to come back into the country. Students traveling on an EU or Nordic passport do not need a Residence Permit.
  • The CPR Card: ‘CPR,’ meaning ‘Civil Registration Number,’ qualifies you as a legal resident of Denmark who can access the Danish social system and receive free health benefits. If you have a Danish Residence Permit, you are obligated to have a CPR card. You will apply for this once you are in Denmark.

How Do I Apply for a Residence Permit and CPR Card?

Your Legal Residence Process is based on both your passport as well as where you live in or around Copenhagen during your time as a DIS student. Before you depart, DIS staff will notify you of the process specific to you and assist you with the necessary steps. Click into the links below to find more information about your specific process.

Please note: DIS staff do their best to provide unofficial guidance on visa matters, however, we recommend that students with specific questions consult the Danish consulate in New York City.

What if I Have More Than One Passport?

If you have more than one passport, please contact the North American Office at 800-247-3477. We’ll advise on which passport you should travel on. Note that whichever passport you inform DIS you are traveling on and use to enter Denmark, you must follow that country’s application process to obtain your Residence Permit and CPR Card.

If You Plan to Travel Before/After Your Semester with DIS

The Schengen Region and its Laws

The Schengen Region is a zone consisting of 29 European member countries. Read more about the Schengen Region. Denmark is included in the Schengen region.

According to Schengen and Danish law, if your passport is from an Entry Visa-Free country (such as the United States), you are allowed 90 days of visa-free travel within Denmark and the Schengen area within every 180-day period. Your Danish Residence Permit will be valid from the date you applied at Immigration Services until 14 days after the DIS program is complete. The days that your Residence Permit is valid will NOT be counted towards your 90 days of visa-free travel within the Schengen area and Denmark. Please note that these laws are subject to change.

If you will be traveling or studying in the Schengen area for an extended amount of time before your semester start, DIS strongly advises you to contact the North American Office at 800-247-3477 to ensure that there will be no complications with your stay in Denmark.

Traveling During Your Semester

Once you are more than 90 days into the semester, you must carry both your passport and your Residence Permit with you when traveling outside of Denmark.

We suggest you to also travel with photocopies of both your passport and Residence Permit. Store these copies separate from the originals in case of loss or theft.