Green Living & Learning Community

The Green Living & Learning Community is an inclusive space for those who would like to engage in a more sustainable lifestyle while exploring Copenhagen.

This is your ideal LLC if you have an intention of living together in a community with like-minded people while studying abroad.

Green LLC Highlights

  • Experience firsthand how, working together with members of your community, you can make changes to live a more sustainable life
  • Gain insight into some of the sustainable projects that are happening in and around Copenhagen.
  • Engage with your peers by discussing burning environmental issues of our time in an open and respectful forum
  • Step out of your comfort zone (for example, volunteer with local environmental initiatives)

Examples of Green LLC Activities (may vary each semester)

  • Cook tasty organic meals with your roommates
  • Get to know Copenhagen’s re-use and recycling scene with visits to swap stations and thrifting
  • Experience the joys of Copenhagen’s clean water with a sauna and winter bathing
  • Connect with nature with an eco-printing workshop and a guided hike
  • Meet environmental activists at the forefront of Denmark’s green youth movement and visit a Folkekøkken (‘people’s kitchen’)