About DIS Copenhagen

Our Story

We are a non-profit study abroad foundation with dedicated staff and faculty passionate about our mission and building an inclusive learning environment for you here in Scandinavia.

It all began in 1959, and today we offer semester, academic year, and summer programs taught in English. Most of our students are upper-division undergraduate students coming from over 200 distinguished North American colleges and universities.

Your Story with DIS

Make your semester uniquely yours.

Enjoy the freedom of choice

Whether you wish to focus on your major or fulfill elective requirements, build your semester by choosing a Core Course from 27 Academic Programs, and select your elective courses from across 48 disciplines. You also have the choice of six diverse housing options to ensure the best fit for you.

Engage in cultural learning and intellectually-stimulating courses

DIS courses challenge you to examine issues from various perspectives. You learn how concepts and issues are perceived, lived, and theorized in Europe; and reflect on the cultural norms and values that shape you.

Gain opportunities for experiential learning

All of our courses take you out of the classroom on local Field Studies, exploring Copenhagen through an academic lens. Our courses also offer you opportunities to participate in research and labs, simulate real-life scenarios through case studies, gain professional feedback in studio, update your resumé with practicum and workshop experience, and more.

Make Europe as Your Classroom

You travel with your Core Course on two faculty-led Study Tours related to your Academic Program! Visit important sites and meet with local experts who add their perspectives to your knowledge of the field. You can also choose to enroll in Exploration Electives, which get you out of the classroom as much as possible and include additional travel.

Meet our faculty, who teach what they do

Most DIS faculty work as professionals in the areas they teach, bringing theory to life by sharing real-world expertise and examples in the classroom and giving you access to their networks.

Take a chance and meet the locals

Living in a Homestay, signing up for a sports team, taking a Danish Language and Culture course, or attending evening seminars are among the many ways to build your international network.

Join an inclusive environment abroad

DIS is committed to building an inclusive learning environment in a Scandinavian context. In doing this, we want to provide a place for discussion and debate of different views, while we uphold our unwavering commitment to diversity and respect for others.

Seek support when you need it

Our Academic Support and Care Teams support your personal and academic well-being by working with you to develop strategies to make the most of your semester.

My semester abroad will undoubtedly impact my later life experiences in the educational, professional, and social world.”

Anna, Skidmore College