Danish Language and Culture Courses

Enhance your experience abroad, learn how to navigate cultural contexts, and gain the tools to better understand Denmark’s people, history, and traditions.

Apply Your Danish to Real-World Contexts

Master your pronunciation of Æ, Ø, and Å! Enjoy walking out of class to a nearby café where you will be able to buy a cup of coffee and wienerbrød in Danish.

Enrich Your Experience

Learning Danish opens doors to understanding the nuances of the local culture and its people. By exploring Denmark’s history, literature, film, art, and contemporary topics, you gain a larger perspective and confidence to navigate cross-cultural discussions with your Homestay, Visiting Host, friends, and locals.

Field Studies: Learn Outside the Classroom

What better way to understand the culture in Copenhagen than to experience it! Examples of field studies include:

  • See a thought-provoking performance at Tivoli, Copenhagen’s famous amusement park
  • A historical tour of one of the many spectacular castles or cathedrals in the region
  • A screening of the Danish movie ‘A Royal Affair’ followed by a visit to Christiansborg Palace
  • Access significant historical sites to understand Denmark’s role in WWII
  • Engage with students at a local gymnasium (high school)

Uncover Copenhagen’s Rich Culture and History

Cultural assignments take you to unique historical sites in Copenhagen to interview Danes, walk in the footsteps of key figures, and analyze great art and structures. By uncovering the city’s past, you have meaningful cross-cultural debates about today’s society back in the classroom.

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