Experience the dynamics of drug discovery and development, learn biotechnology-based methods for disease treatment, and widen your perspective on the relationship between academia and the biotech industry.

Program Highlights

  • Get hands-on experience through the Drug Development Project by interviewing and researching a Scandinavian biomedical company about their products and technology
  • Gain insight into world-leading biotechnology research and development while on faculty-led study tours
  • Visit leading biotechnology companies and research institutions to learn about new-generation biopharmaceuticals

Student Profile

The program is right for you if you study biology, biochemistry, health science, or a similar discipline, and wish to acquire skills for a future career in the health professions or a graduate degree.

Through industrial and academic settings, I’ve gained great insight into a future in biopharmaceuticals. With meetings ranging from places such as Novo Nordisk to the Centre for Medical Parasitology, we were able to develop and hone individual interests in group oriented environments. The information we learned in class on research and drug development was transformed into real life scenarios and laboratory work with each company visited.”

– Lindsey Gieger, Gettysburg College

Why Study Biomedicine in Denmark?

  • Denmark is known globally for innovative thinking in drug development and discovery, and has continuously produced high quality medical research
  • The greater Copenhagen area is part of Medicon Valley, a competitive life science cluster that attracts many successful companies to the region
  • There is a dynamic environment rich in innovation, and a tradition for knowledge sharing between companies, hospitals, universities, and public research institutions

Core Courses