Justice & Human Rights

Enhance your knowledge of international law and human rights by analyzing the legal aspects and political context behind major modern conflicts and human rights violations in Europe.

Program Highlights

  • Build analytical skills focused around legal thinking and acquire tools to understand how legal methods can be applied in real-life examples using Danish and international case studies
  • Travel with your classmates and DIS faculty on course-integrated study tours where you come face to face with current political tensions and issues of national identity
  • Engage with experts in the field and discuss international conflicts, bringing professional perspectives to the classroom

Student Profile

The program is right for you if you study political science, international relations, government, human rights, pre-law, or global studies. The real world experience you will gain in this course is highly valuable if you are interested in applying to law school.

We visited the Royal Danish Arsenal Museum and toured around their exhibit ‘A Distant War — A Danish Soldier In Afghanistan’… One of our professors, Trine Schultz, has been deployed to Afghanistan, and she shared her emotions as a veteran in seeing all this. Having Trine there made it so impactful — I have never had professors like I’ve had here in Copenhagen, and it’s changing so much about the way I think. This exhibit was the highlight of the week, and I’m not sure I’ll ever forget that experience with this group.”

– Kathryn Deaton, Colgate University

Core Courses