Graphic Design

Graphic design is a powerful tool for the expression of ideas, concepts, and information. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the Scandinavian and European approach and explore methodologies that strengthen your individual design capabilities.

Program Highlights

  • Obtain hands-on graphic design experience by producing visual identity projects from initial analysis to final presentation, with a strong focus on creativity and methodology along with cultural and contextual understanding
  • Meet experts in the industry and get introduced to classic and contemporary graphic design by studio faculty, and attain a strong basis for your own design development
  • Gain a competitive edge in a globalized world by exploring and applying Danish and Scandinavian design philosophies and practices that will expand your knowledge of design processes

Student Profile

Whether you are from a professional school of design or a liberal arts background and seek to build your foundations in design, two tracks ensure there is a level that is right for you. You should be ready to fully engage in the studio discourse, prepare for individual desk critique, and invest time outside of studio hours developing projects.

We’re using the ‘How Might We’ design model that consists of four parts: Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver. Prior to DIS, I had never quite considered the steps to my process to be as important as the end result. This approach has made me more aware of my thought processes as I work on a project and how developing a concept and conducting adequate research build a strong foundation for good design.”

-Helen Li, Simmons College

Core Courses