DenmarkCore Course Week Study Tour | Graphic Design Program

Core Course Week, including this short Study Tour, forms an integral part of your studio curriculum by broadening your understanding of the social and physical context of Danish design. Not only will you discover the qualities that make a design quintessentially ‘Danish,’ you will also experience Danish culture, traditional cuisine, art, and music. You will study graphic design at all scales but with a focus on visual identity and way-finding in the built environment, through examples including significant religious architecture, innovative museum designs, historic and contemporary urban environments, and other graphic design related sites.

The two-day seminar in Copenhagen and three-day Study Tour to western Denmark will provide you with the opportunity to develop your critical observation skills and diagrammatic and representational proficiency. Simultaneously, you will be equipped with a vocabulary of design concepts, strategies, and materials, which you can apply in your own creative work in studio and beyond.

Tour Objectives

  • Study graphic design as manifest in contemporary and traditional sites within the built environment of Denmark
  • Gain an understanding of Danish history, geography, and culture outside the Copenhagen region
  • Develop sketching and note-taking skills for recording impressions of sites in a journal

Possible Activities

  • Comparison of different systems of visual identity and way-finding in spaces for art museums, including the Trapholt and ARoS museums
  • Visiting a traditional Danish church with centuries old iconic chalk drawings
  • Studying Brandts Museum in Odense, with an extensive graphic design program covering building identity and communication