Inform DIS of a Bias Incident

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DIS takes bias incidents and discrimination very seriously. We ask that you make DIS aware of incidents of bias that you experience or witness.

With this information, DIS can properly understand address inappropriate and unwelcome behavior, and take the opportunity to educate our community.

For more information, refer to the bias education and information webpage.

Tell DIS about an incident of bias

You should tell DIS about any bias-related incidents that involve you or another DIS student, whether at DIS or in the public, by submitting the form linked below.

Your contact information is necessary if you would like to receive communication or follow-up. While you may choose to submit an anonymous report, this will limit our ability to investigate and provide you with support to anyone involved.

Inform DIS of a Bias Incident

What happens when you inform DIS?

Inform DIS of a Bias Incident Flow Chart

When you complete a form submission, and if you choose to provide your contact information, an automatic confirmation email will be sent to you with support resources. DIS will further connect you to communities with appropriate education, support, and resources as needed.

A DIS staff member will review the form submission and respond to you within 3 business days. Decisions about next step actions will be made accordingly, based on the information included in the form and the Code of Student Responsibility.

Bias incidents that violate DIS policy will be investigated according to the procedures outlined in the Code of Conduct Disciplinary Process.

Why should I make DIS aware of a bias incident?

At DIS, we believe that embracing diversity in all aspects of the learning and working environment is necessary for students and organizations to reach their full potential. We strive to create an inclusive community in which each member feels welcome and supported, across all identities and life experiences. DIS affirms and upholds the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Any act of bias or discrimination is counter to the mission and values of DIS.

Telling DIS about a bias incident serves three core purposes:


Individuals who are targeted by perceived bias-related incidents are offered support as they work through their own process and feelings.


DIS wants to provide a place for discussion and debate of different views, while we uphold our unwavering commitment to diversity and respect for others.

Learning about bias incidents that occur allows DIS to engage in optional conversations with individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses who, whether intentionally or not, may have caused harm to others. These conversations are rooted in raising awareness and aim to provide critical context to why an action may be perceived as biased.


By assessing and responding to incidents and tracking data annually, we are able to understand the climate of DIS as it relates to bias. This data helps us make informed decisions about student preparation and support approaches that includes language that recognizes bias incidents happen on DIS property, DIS-connected settings, and in public.

This data also helps us efficiently and effectively respond to student incidents where everyone, including faculty and study tour leaders, can support students immediately with empathy and connect students to official resources.