Taking the Metro

Transportation in and Around Copenhagen

In September 2019, a major extension project to open Cityringen (also known as M3) was completed, bringing an additional 17 lines to the metro. With advanced technology, the trains are driverless and therefore the metro system runs 24 hours a day!

Metro stations are scattered around the city, and can be spotted with a big red “M.” During the day the metro runs frequently and often on time, with trains coming around every four minutes, and during late night hours, every 15-20 minutes.

The metro conveniently connects the airport to Copenhagen’s city center with a roughly 20-minute journey.

Read about the metro on m.dk

Metro Tickets

Whether you are traveling on the DIS provided Commuter Card or on a single ticket, you can travel on the metro anywhere within the zones you have purchased within the allotted time frame. If you take your bike on the metro, you must also pay for an extra bike ticket! Additionally, bikes are not allowed at certain busy hours of the week.

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