Current DIS Copenhagen Health and Safety Notifications

DIS Copenhagen Health and Safety Notifications

September 17, 2020

Copenhagen Police are imposing a gathering ban after 10:00 pm in certain areas of the city. This gathering ban is effective in Kødbyen (Meatpacking district), and other popular locations labeled as warning zones.

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September 15, 2020

The Danish authorities are implementing new, local restrictions as of Thursday, September 17, to prevent an increase of COVID-19 cases.

These restrictions mean that you will be required to wear a face mask in cafés, bars, and restaurants, when you are not sitting at a table. Furthermore, all bars, cafés, and restaurants must close at 10:00 pm every night, at least until October 1. The authorities are urging guests to go to their separate homes after 10:00 pm, and not continue the party in the streets or in a private setting, so we strongly discourage meeting up in larger groups at the kollegium after 10:00 pm.

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