How to File an Insurance Claim

How to file an insurance claim at DIS Copenhagen

How to File an Insurance Claim

Review the necessary steps below, should you find yourself in the situation of needing to cover medical expenses, curtailment, or theft/damaged property.


If you have expenses in connection with traveling home for a family emergency, you can file an insurance claim.  You use the medical expense form – see the section that refers to curtailment:

Medical Expenses

Watch our tutorial for steps to take to claim medical insurance and then see specific instructions below on steps you should take:

To complete a claim, scan and email the following information to and copy on the email:

  1. A completed interactive insurance claim form:
    Download Medical Expense Form (pdf)
    Download sample form (pdf)
  2. A digital copy of the original receipt(s) from your doctor’s visit(s)/hospital visit(s) and/or prescriptions.

Theft or Damage

Watch our tutorial for steps to take if your property is stolen and then see specific instructions below on steps you should take:

To complete an insurance claim, email the following information to and copy on the email:

  1. A completed interactive insurance claim form:
    Download Household Contents and Baggage Form (pdf)
    Download sample form (pdf)
  2. A digital copy of either the original receipt, a bank/credit card statement, or some proof of purchase
  3. Documentation of the filed police report
  • For claims within Denmark, you will have to go in person to the police station to file a report. The closest police station to DIS can be found in Copenhagen Central Station
  • Police reports must be filed in the country of incident. Not every country enables you to file a police report online, so be sure to look into a country’s specific rules should an incident occur
  • Remember to take a screen shot of the finished report. You will need to include this in the email with your insurance claim. You will not receive an email or mail confirmation from the police
  • The report will ask you for the name of your insurance company. Select ukendt (unknown)

Note that for a stolen bike, you’ll first need to contact the company you rented the bike from before filing your police report. You will most likely be asked to pay the value of the bike upfront, which is what you may then file an insurance claim for. The rental company will provide you with a receipt for the total expense of the bike. This receipt should state:

  1. The bike’s registration number
  2. The bike’s brand


Q/ I need a loan to replace stolen items. Can DIS help me?

A/ Talk to the DIS Accounting office (Vestergade 5.37) during business hours. They can provide you with an interest-free loan.

Q/ How long will it take to process a claim?

A/ It generally takes four to six weeks to review a claim. You will be informed by email regarding the status of your claim as soon as it has been processed.

Q/ What if I am back in the U.S. after my claim is approved?

A/ DIS will either send you a check in U.S. dollars or wire the money to your U.S. bank account.

Q/ Can I file my claim once I’m back in the U.S.?

A/Yes, as long as the incident happened while you were a student at DIS, the claim can still be filed once you return to the U.S.

Q/ Can I file the insurance claim in person?

A/ No, all insurance claims are submitted online via email. You can submit your complete insurance claim to with copied on the email.

Q/ Do I need proof of purchase?

A/ Yes, proof of purchase must be provided for every item you wish to claim for reimbursement. A picture of an emailed receipt, a physical receipt, or a picture of a line in a bank statement are considered sufficient.

Q/ What if I damage something that belongs to my Homestay hosts or someone else?

A/Ask them to submit the claim to their own insurance. If their insurance doesn’t cover the full cost or rejects the claim, ask them to provide you with this documentation to submit following the processes outlined for property claims above. The insurance company cannot accept insurance claims from someone other than the insured student.