Child Development & Diversity

The Scandinavian model for education is consistently at the forefront of Europe, sparking investigations into parenting, childcare, and culture. Through reflection of current issues and first-hand experience, gain insight into child development and education.

Program Highlights

  • Delve into a cross-cultural approach to childhood and adolescence and reflect on the unique Nordic pedagogy of ‘the good childhood’
  • Travel with your classmates and DIS faculty on course-integrated study tours to explore cross-cultural European educational methods by visiting practitioners, researchers, and childcare and youth institutions
  • In your weekly practicum, you will develop interpersonal competencies by actively engaging at a Danish childcare institution, public school, or high school

Student Profile

This program is right for you if you study child development, education, social policy, human development, family studies, anthropology, or sociology, and want to enhance your intercultural awareness and explore international theories and practices within the discipline of child and adolescent development.

I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher, so for my practicum, it has been ideal to be in a primary school with students grades 0-9. I am able to observe a classroom environment unique to Danish schools, participate in activities led by the teachers, and even lead my own activities with the classes … I think it’s rare for a study abroad institution to offer such a wide range of experiential learning sites the way DIS does, and I know my experience in Denmark would not be the same without my practicum.”

– Eden Weinflash, Lehigh University

Core Courses