DIS Housing Placement Process

Matching You with the Best Housing Placement

We would like to give you insight into how DIS determines your housing:

1. DIS guarantees housing to all students who request DIS-arranged housing.

2. Your housing application indicates preferences, not a guaranteed spot in that particular option (nor a specific accommodation preference).

When applying for housing, you list two to three top preferences by housing option type. By doing so, DIS can then match you with the best option based on your housing application essay and other registration factors. All housing placements are made individually.

Note: You can apply for two different themes when applying to an LLC. One LLC theme will count as one preference – a second theme will count as a second preference.

3. Specific housing accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis.

Ensure that you upload all pertinent accommodation documentation to the Health Information form in DIS Student Registration before the housing deadline, and clearly explain your specific accommodation needs and preference in your housing application.

4. Requests to live with a specific roommate or for specific buildings and/or locations will not be honored.

We believe this encourages you to meet new people. DIS will place you in a location where we think you will enjoy living and be successful in engaging with the community. We make placements based on the information you provide on your housing registration.