Taking the Train and S-Tog

City and Regional Trains

Trains connect many main city stations, as well as the Copenhagen Airport. They even connect Copenhagen to other large Danish cities such as Roskilde and Århus, and you can even travel internationally on trains to Sweden and the mainland of Europe!

Regional Train Tickets

You can ride the train within the city zones with a Commuter Card or a single use ticket. If you plan to travel beyond the zones you are given on your Commuter Card, you will need to purchase a ticket.

Read more about zones and buying your ticket

S-Tog (S-Train)

The S-Tog (S-Train) is a commuter train that connects the suburbs to the city center, and can be recognized by large white and red hexagon ‘S’ signs. These trains run regularly from 5:00 am to midnight. During normal commuting hours, roughly 6:00 am – 18:00, they run every 10 minutes. In the off hours, they run every 20 minutes. There may not be train service from midnight to 5:00 am on certain lines.

S-Tog Tickets

Whether you are traveling on the DIS provided Commuter Card or on a single ticket, you can travel on the S-Tog anywhere within the zones you have purchased within the allotted time frame.

Different from the Regional Trains, you can take your bike on the S-Tog for free, but be sure to hop on cars with a bike symbol stenciled on the side. Once you enter the car, back your bike into one of the tire holders.

Note: Both the S-Tog and Regional Trains have ‘Silent Cars’ usually marked at the front and end of the train. You should not talk in these cars or play loud music in your earphones.