Community Engagement

Involve yourself in the many cultural opportunities offered to you while studying at DIS Copenhagen.

By getting involved through both DIS and local activities, you have the chance to make new friends, broaden your horizons, and develop your leadership and interpersonal skills.

Engage with Fellow Students and Locals

Being a part of a community abroad allows you to meet classmates and locals with various backgrounds, passions, and interests, creating a semester unique to you. Past students have even said these extracurricular activities became memorable talking points for resumés and interviews. Some of the opportunities include:

  • Clubs and Activities: Connect with Copenhageners by joining a local organization or activity. Stop by the Student Hub at the start of your semester to discover how to involve yourself; opportunities include sports clubs, choirs, LGBTQIA+ groups, religious communities, and more
  • DIS Film Club: Share your enthusiasm and passion for European Cinema with fellow students, young Danes, and DIS faculty
  • New in Town Meetups: From board game nights to bonfires and community dinners, New in Town meetups provide an opportunity to experience the city with other DIS students while socializing as the locals do
  • Seminar Nights: Hear from local professionals about current affairs and their local perspectives; students often use this as a networking opportunity to connect with professionals in their fields of interest

Find more information about events, clubs, and communities in the DIS Navigate App, which you will gain access to before the start of your semester.

I learned to be aware of differences in lifestyle and open-minded to such differences. I learned to let go of what I thought I knew and allow my experiences to shape my cultural understanding… I learned that to truly understand culture, I have to be willing to step back from my own attitude and adapt to a new way of life. And this is exactly what I did.

– Victoria, Bucknell University

Volunteer Opportunities

During your semester, there are plenty of ways to get involved. You will have the chance to learn about volunteer opportunities in Copenhagen. There are options to suit all schedules, from one-time volunteer experiences to longer-term positions. Get inspired by former students:

Sign Up for the Visiting Host Program

If you are not living in a Homestay, sign up for the Visiting Host program! You will be matched with a local host, and you take the initiative in meeting up with them throughout the semester. The amount of times you get together is up to you and your hosts – there are no requirements except that you are genuinely interested in building a relationship with your host(s).

DIS Visiting Hosts sign up to participate mainly because they have an interest in learning about another culture and want to share their own. Visiting Hosts may or may not have children, and can be a single parent, a retired couple, families of various ethnicities, a LGBTQIA+ couple, or an individual with a tight-knit extended family.

Apply for the Visiting Host Program before you depart for Copenhagen in DIS Student Registration.

DIS will subsidize your transportation costs, covering up to four return trips to your Visiting Hosts using public transport (with a cap at 400 DKK).