Visiting a Pharmacy

The Danish Pharmacy

In Denmark, a pharmacy is called apotek, and is typically open Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 17:00. When entering an apotek, you take a number and wait to be called. There will be pharmacists working behind the counter, who will listen to your needs and make a recommendation. Over the counter medication is more limited in Denmark than you are likely used to in the U.S., thus the pharmacist’s recommendation may be to visit a doctor to receive a prescription.

Closest Pharmacy to DIS Copenhagen

Strøget Apotek
Frederiksberggade 1A
1459 Copenhagen K
Call at: 3539 8382
Open Monday-Saturday from 9:00 – 18:00 and within walking distance to DIS Copenhagen

Recommended 24-Hour Pharmacies in Copenhagen*

Steno Apotek
Vesterbrogade 6C
1620 Copenhagen V
Call at: 3314 8266

Sønderbro Apotek
Amagerbrogade 158
2300 Copenhagen S
Call at: 3258 0140

*Note: Though these pharmacies are 24/7, make sure to check their websites for current business hours – there is a 20 DKK fee for assistance at a pharmacy outside of regular business hours.