Keeping Kosher in Copenhagen

Keeping Kosher in Copenhagen

Finding kosher products in Copenhagen should pose no significant problems, and in the past, many DIS students have successfully navigated this path.

Where to Find Kosher Food

Copenhagen Kosher on Lyngbyvej 87
2100 Kobenhavn Ø
Telephone: (45) 39 18 57 77

Cafe Victor Borge located in the Jewish Community Centre on Krystalgade 12, provides usual café snacks and hot meals.

Kosher Items in the Grocery Store

Det Mosaiske Troessamfund, the organization for Denmark’s Jewish community, has helpful starter advice, and in the past has provided a list of common products and if they are kosher. Find their contact information on

Det Mosaiske Troessamfund, under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Denmark, in the past also offered some great pointers online. Here are some of their main tips:

  • It is always preferable to buy a product that is under rabbinical supervision (that has a hechsher)
  • To be kosher, wine and cheese must be produced under supervision. Regarding cheese, it is permissible to eat soft cheeses as long as they do not contain gelatine. Cheese produced with vegetarian rennet but not under rabbinical supervision are not kosher
  • As a general rule, a product containing one or more of following ingredients is NOT kosher: fats, animal fats, fish oils, gelatin, glyceride, stearic acid, rennet, casein, wine acid, wine vinegar, grape juice

Kosher and E Numbers

The ‘E numbers’ are codes for chemicals which can be used as food additives for use within the European Union (the ‘E’ stands for ‘Europe’). They are commonly found on food labels throughout the European Union. You will see them listed on food product labels with the ingredients. E numbers to avoid if you follow a kosher diet are: E 120, E 334, E 422, E 445, E 570.

Note: For specific questions of keeping kosher in Copenhagen, you can contact the Chief Rabbinate of Denmark, Bent Lexner, on