Study Tour FAQs

Study Tour FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding DIS Study Tours

Q / What are Program Study Tours?

A / At DIS, we have two types of tours. To find more information about these, refer to the following:

Q / Do I need to sign up for my Program Study Tours?

A / No. The Program Study Tours are integrated into your core course. Therefore when you enroll in your core course, you are automatically signed up for your Program Study Tour. In some cases, however, you may have to choose a Study Tour section.

Q/ Can my ability to travel on Study Tours be affected if I am an ‘entry visa required’ student?

A / Entry visa required students with Study Tours which include destinations outside the Schengen area (i.e., United Kingdom (incl. Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Great Britain), Ireland, Greenland, Svalbard, the Faroe Islands, Russia, Morocco, and Turkey) are welcome to contact the DIS North American Office at early in the registration process to fully discuss the visa application process and what it entails.

DIS will make every attempt to assist DIS students to obtain the necessary visas/permits for entry into the countries for their program Study Tours. However, the issuance or denial of visas/permits of entry are solely at the discretion of the relevant country’s immigration authorities and therefore, DIS makes no guarantees. Where a student experiences a delay or denial of issuance of a visa/permission for entry, which is out of control of individual, DIS will work with the student to accommodate them on another Study Tour or otherwise make up the missed academic work.

Q / What are the student costs on a Program Study Tour?

A / The only costs you are responsible for while on this type of Study Tour are the one meal per day DIS does not provide, and any additional spending on miscellaneous items (free-time activities, souvenirs, snacks, gifts, etc.). The Program Study Tour will cover round-trip transportation to the destination, accommodations, two meals per day (breakfast plus lunch or dinner), entrances and guides to relevant visits booked by DIS, events and program activities, and transportation to and from those activities.

Q / I was thinking of traveling before my Program Study Tour. Can I meet the group in the destination?

A / No, you cannot meet the group at the destination. It is mandatory that you participate on the entire study tour, and because the study tour officially begins at the point of departure, all students must travel with the group from Copenhagen to the respective destination.

Q / Do I have to return back to Copenhagen with the group after my Program Study Tour?

A / You are not required to travel back to Copenhagen with the group. However, your participation is required on the whole study tour, which means you must schedule personal travel plans only after the study tour program is complete.