Art & Visual Culture

Encounter the great auteurs in European filmmaking and thought-provoking work in the contemporary art scene. In this program, you discover visual culture and artistic expression in Nordic and European settings.

Program Highlights

  • Meet with Danish and European directors and artists to explore and discuss the roles of art and cinema in Europe
  • Strengthen your ability to analyze specific visual works and evaluate how artists expand the traditional use of media
  • Travel with classmates and DIS faculty on course-integrated Study Tours to discover and reflect on innovative artistic expression in contemporary Europe

Is This Program For You?

It’s a good fit if you study:

  • Art History
  • Film Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Media Studies

One of the great things about my core course is how the professors analyze the art and film in the context of social issues that are especially relevant to Europe and Denmark today. One of our field studies was to Denmark’s Fotografisk Center to view the exhibition ‘End of Dreams,’ a multi-media installation depicting the dangerous route over the Mediterranean taken by the refugees… In this class, we are challenged to think about how (if at all) art and film can transcend their place in museums or theaters to our everyday realities.

-Winnie, Brown University

Core Courses